Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Just a few cards that I made for Miss Elle over at Elle's Studios for Halloween! Her stuff is always sooooo much fun to work with!! In fact, she has a DT search going on right now.... check it out for an opportunity to play with her products!! She is so sweet to design for too!!
Hey everyone! We have had LOTS going on.... I have been REAAAAALLLLLY sick for the last 12 days and I even got snowed in at the hospital one night and had to stay the night. All in all, I think we got about 2 feet of snow during this last storm. CRAZY!! The boys are in heaven!! Mason tried snowboarding, we built are first snowman of the season and I have been working A LOT! Our friends, the Martin fam, came out to visit as well. So that all equals ZERO computer time. I think I need to figure out how to do this from work!! :)
We also have a trip out to Cali that was WAAAAAY too short, if ya ask me!! Cousin Lisa got married and Mason and I were in the wedding. It was so much fun....even if I barely ad a voice on her wedding day!! She was a beautiful bride and I will have some separate posts about that!!
For now, we are getting ready for Halloween tonight.... looks like it won't be snowing!! YEAH!!! I promise to have lots of fun new pics for you all!! Thanks for being patient with me!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Elk in Estes Park...

I think this was the best part of the day for the boys!!
Isn't Devynn just gorgeous? :) I gave her that vest one year for Christmas and she looks adorable in it!

Landy climbing away.....
Here is a big boy....
An elk and his harem.....

It was an awesome experience to see these guys up close and personal.

Estes Indians....

At the Elk festival, we went into a teepee and Mason, Trace and Dacota all wanted to get their faces painted like indian "warriors". They all took on a whole new persona once they had their war paint on. :)
This is Mason petting a wolf. He was so in awe of these gorgeous animals. There was a wolf rescure there, educating the public on this dwindling species. Very interesting stuff. They are very gorgeous creatures!!

Estes Park in fall

Phenomenally GORGEOUS in fall. The trees were turning.... the elk were rutting and Mason LOVED seeing the elk fight. The Elk festival was fun too. Grandma Rosemary and Grandpa Chuck were able to enjoy it with the Pool family and the boys. It was so beautiful, in fact, there may be a few more posts about it!! ;)

Men in Black

Landon and Mason.... not sure what the serious "army" pose is all about with Mason.... he told me he was Tom Cruise!?!? Okay..... so there you have it.
Here is a small preview for Lisa.... Mason and I are in her wedding in less than 2 weeks and Mason and Jordan will be the junior groomsmen. I just couldn't pass up this little number for Landon though. Worst part, is that Landon KNOWS how stinkin' cute he is in it!! He is so proud to be dressed up like Mason. :)

Second Snow...

Here is our second snow fall of the season.... from what I hear, we are going to be getting A LOT of snow!!! So when you all come to visit us... DRESS WARM!! ;) The boys love it though. Pretty scary driving in the icy weather though....