Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

WOW! What a naughty blogger I have been.... I promise to take this weekend to post some new pictures and some of my Christmas presents I made this year. I have been picking up all sorts of shifts at the hospital and doing the family thing for Christmas. So PROMISE.... 2011 will be full of posts from me. I am going to shoot for a bi-weekly... maybe even a TRI-weekly posts for you guys. Hope your New Year's Eve is fun, safe and HAPPY!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

That is what I've been lately. BUSY!! We went to Texas for Thanksgiving .... spent 5 fun filled days with Trafton's family and headed back home. We realllllly miss Lori, Charlie and their boys. Wish they were right next door!! I literally went straight back to work the next day and then all the Christmas "duties" started getting piled on. We've got lots of birthdays, benefits, birthdays, parties etc. in the month of December.... so that has been taking up some time. Trafton was laid off right before Thanksgiving (not to worry though... he is already embarking in another super cool field... he is IN HEAVEN.... part of the pro staff on Arctic Outdoors TV and helping with Castle Rock Media)... and I am back to working full time again. It has been a HUGE change for me over the past year.... I really miss these boys....
I always had so much time (as a stay at home Mommy) with them and time to do all of the things that I love to do(ie. read, scrapbook, paint, photography, gardening). But times have changed in the Hayne household and the show must go on. So I am doing ultrasound at a hospital close to home 4 days a week. I try to be crafty when I can.... it's just that work, taking call at the hospital and the boys take up most of my time these days. I have a painting to show off soon and I have completed 3 client scrapbook albums in the past 4 months. I wish I could share some of the fun stuff I have done, but since they are not my kiddoes, I will leave it up to their parents to do the sharing. I promise that 2011 (after I take my ultrasound PHYSICS board... yes... I am studying for physics then my vascular technology boards follow)..... UGH... I will tell you, I think I found the cure for insomnia though..... PHYSICS... just is NOT my cup of tea.... and this old mommy brain does NOT retain things like it used too!!
OK... back to my resolutions... I am going to spend more time with girlfriends.... get back into pilates (have I told you that I fell in LOVE with Pilates over the last few months?).... and post more of my scrappy/creative projects. PROMISE. I have an awesome 700 sq. foot studio that needs to be put to work. I am even planning on making some Christmas gifts this year!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!
This whole blog began as a scrapbooking/creative blog but has turned into a "keep the family and friends updated" blog since coming to Colorado. So now that I have updated you all... I promise to share some more creative stuff in the short future. Bear with me.... this whole working mom thing is exhausting!!! But we are still happy that we moved here and have truly found a home here. We miss everyone terribly but always love to hear from you guys!! Thanks for checking my blog faithfully and for all the sweet comments. It is always nice to hear from you!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wonderful Sites

Not to be the enabler that I normally like to be, just wanted to list some of the easier sites to order from this Christmas season. These sites are for the crafters and shoppers in us all. I have picked up some great stuff for scrapbooking, sewing and just simply as gifts. Who doesn't love a deal, right?

Groop Dealz

These are a little on the craftier end of things:

Crafty Steals

Stitch Steals

Crop Chocolate

Peachy Cheap

Hope this can help a little... or at least you can window shop a little from work. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dale Chihuly Eye Candy

What an artist this guy is.... here are just some gorgeous pictures of Dale Chihuly's glass work. Talk about a GENIE-IN-A-BOTTLE Christmas wish! I think I would use one of my three wishes on one one these.... I swear. I just love his work!!

C & B catalogue

When the Crate & Barrel Catalogue comes in the mail, I just know I should toss it.... don't even take a peek inside.... Same for Pottery barn, Williams Sonoma and a slew of others. And don't even get me started on all of their "kid" catalogues. But I am a hopeless window shopper. So just for fun, here is a fantasy wish list from the C&B issue.... just dreamin' a little.....

And here it is decorated.... could be cute for year round..... maybe?!?!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A fun new decoration for my scrap room....

My very sweet, enabling friend Tiffany convinced me that I HAD to have this glass jar for my scrap room.... so I caved and bought it... it was 50% off!! So I filled it with a rainbow of gumballs and it is now cheering me up in my scrap room!! :)

First Snow

We FINALLY had our fist snow in November. Trafton missed it but my Mom was here to enjoy it. Here are some pics of it... Molly ended up LOVING it and the boys suited up at 4:00 to enjoy the outdoors. It was the start of a cozy weekend and the beginning of LOOOOONG days indoors. :)

First Annual Pumpkin Smash

It really all started with a statement..... "What do we do with the pumpkins AFTER we are done with them, Mom?" Well..... Then Mason asked if we could MAYBE just smash one of them..... Then I asked if they had a special bat that might do the trick.... And Mason got this look on his face
and that is how the FIRST annual pumpkin smashing festivities began. First up.... Mason Hayne.... batting "clean up" for the home team.
His smile really says it all, huh?
Look at that FORM!!!
Got a piece with that one!!
And since it wasn't COMPLETELY smashed open, he went for the launch.
That's when Daddy had to get into the action.....
That seemed to finish off pumpkin #1.
Next up.... Landon Hayne.... his first swing was a bit timid.... Then he reeeeeeallllllly got into it.....
HOLY MACKEREL!!! Wouldn't want to meet this boy in a dark alley.....
Then came the discussion.... the white pumpkin had "rice" inside it.... " NO!!! Looks like sauerkraut!!! GROSSSS!"
"No..... it's RICE!!! SEE?!?!?!?" Not sure who really won that discussion but it was ended with another launch by Dad!
And one last blow for posterity's sake!!
The aftermath.... and a nice dinner for the deer tonight. :)
Now let's see what kind of ideas they get once we are done with the Christmas tree.