Monday, September 20, 2010

So excited!!

To finally share this with everyone. Most of you have seen the monster canvases I did for the boys' room and they were picked up by Simply Handmade for their "On the Wall" section. They asked if they could make templates of my little guys so that everyone would be able to create their own little monster projects.... so.... check out what Katelynn did with one of my little creations:

I LoVe this album!

I have to say, I think I love this ENTIRE album. She is such a sweet singer and the lyrics will make you fall in love again with your husband of 10 years!! She reminds me of an indie-esque Jewel with such sweet, lovely lyrics. Very relaxing and one of the best albums I have bought lately. She has a free download for you and you can click on previews of her latest album. I highly recommend her!! :)
Mindy Gledhill

Sunday, September 19, 2010

School Pictures

Here is Landon and his official kindergarten school picture. He loved his big boy hair (I am thinking it was the gel that sealed the deal) and the Tony Hawk button down he wore. He is doing great at school and has MANY best friends.... almost a new one each day. :)
And here is our big 3rd grader Mason. Notice gel and "Tom Cruise" hair. Not sure the fascination with Tom Cruise but he was playing in his VERY nice suit jacket....OUTSIDE... the other day and said he was Tom. Maybe Mission Impossible? Who knows. Again, Mason is doing great and is every one's friend. So nice to see that he gets along with everyone and people always want to be around him. He just loves his buddies.... boys and girls alike!! I love that about him!!

Be back soon... not much time lately since Traf was gone for 4 weekends in a row hunting. I am a bit stir crazy but it is all part of the game, right?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Robots on the Mind

It started with these ADORABLE robot cupcakes that my friend Tiffany sent me a picture of:
And then I found these on etsy that just melted my heart. I don't know what it is about robots and little monsters... they just are so fun and full of imagination!!
This dragon is crazy looking... and is so well made!!
Cute little guys....
Check out their fun little etsy store!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DANG Silly Bands

There are those moments when I think to myself... "Why didn't I think of that!!" And man do I wish I invented these little guys. I am sure your kids are all obsessed with these things. They are rubber bracelets that maintain their shape when you take them off. My kids are obsessed with these things. They trade them at school and are constantly on the lookout for new shapes and themes. And does it matter what color they are? Not for my boys... the more color the better! It WILL make a cute scrapbook page though!!

Purty flowers....

I don't know what it is when I see something I love.... I guess my mind automatically flips to creative mode and I want to see if I can make it myself. So I recently saw these chiffon flower barrettes in a store and thought... how easy!! And boy are they fun to make!! Here is a turquoise one I made for Tiffany....
And here are Miss Tiffany's gorgeous flowers:
I think the girl has some talent!!!

Two mice and a 5 year old boy!

Well.... we did it... suffered through another party at the CHEESE.... Landon turned FIVE on September 6th and we had a blast with all of his friends!! Here are some pics for you!!
His favorite book.... of course it deals with gassy issues!!
Blowing out the candles!!
His favorite gun slinging game he got.... he has been literally obsessed with it!!
Opening Grandma Charlene's present!
Landon and the big Cheese.... not really sure what he thought about him... you can tell by the following picture... HA HA HA
He couldn't wait to get into that cake!! Landon inside the ticket blaster... total ...404 tickets snagged with those cute little hands of his!
Playing some skee ball:
Mommy and her big boy!!
I just love him!! So sad that he is 5 already.... makes me want to have just OOOOOONE more.
Landon and his favorite Auntie Wendy!!
Landon and Mason looking like a couple of mice in a cage....
Speaking of mice.... here is our latest family member (I am not sure I want to claim that though)... MOLE!
Yes.... that is what he named it.... not sure the reasoning behind it or the meaning but we now have Molly the dog and Mole the mouse... :)
I don't think it had sunk in at this point that he was a proud new owner of a mouse....

So there ya go.... a little out of order but you get the point!! My baby is five!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My jumping beans....

THIS is exactly what happens when Dad goes away for a long week of hunting and leaves me with all of this energy to expend!! It truly wasn't our fault that we were bored and I had a camera ready....
This is his Guitar Hero pose...

He is quite the man of many poses....
Landon doing a "cheerleader" move (should I be scared yet?!?!)...

Naughty? YES! FUN? Definitely! Did it kill a good 30 minutes...sho' nuff!!