Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Happy, Happy Day!!

Well... another year older and hopefully wiser!! Turned 36 yesterday and had the CUTEST little boy and most handsome husband come to my work and bring me sunflowers, a balloon and a Starbucks. We met up with Chad and Tiffany and their boys for dinner at Outback and had a YUMMO dinner!!

This is Landon's drawing of me holding my sunflower and that is him giving it to me on the right.

And one of my best gifts by far was this card from the boys with a dollar tucked in it from Mason. How stinkin' cute is that? He told me he got it out of his very own wallet. ;) I could just cry.

This makes all the craziness of kids worth it!!

And finally a Coach cupcake keychain from my sweet, sweet Tiffany!! Thanks for making me feel like the luckiest girl ever!!

Now can we just skip the getting older part? :) Please?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Poor Molly....

The ridicule has already begun surfacing throughout the neighborhood dogs.... Molly was dressed by Landon in one of his shirts... it was inevitable I suppose... she is now the laughingstock of Castle Rock... but she doesn't mind as long as the boys couldn't stop laughing... and they couldn't... TRUST me!

The rainbow slide!!

Well here it is.... the rainbow slide of Estes Park.... best slide a money could buy! At $1 a slide, the boys were in heaven.... and I mean ALL of them!!
At first, Landon wanted to go with Daddy.... so here was the first run....
Next Devynn got in on it and raced the boys....
Now it was time for the the Hayne boys to settle the score with each other...
Landon was first out of the gate and held a strong lead for most of the slide....
Daddy trying to catch up with the flyweights but not doing too good....
Here they are closing in on the finish line.... it's gonna be.....
Mason!!! He actually made it the furthest.... but I think Landon TRULY won the race itself.
And they surrrrrrre did!

Meet FLIG...

Flig is a wandering lizard that made his way into our camp in Estes Park this past weekend. He quickly became Landon's object of affection... it went EVERYWHERE with the boy. Just thought I'd share him with the family since he is now our newest addition to the family. :)
Landon thought he was Tom Cruise here...

Mason's "future" dream job...

Mason wanted to share this project with his family. He was to choose a "future" occupation and draw himself on a paper doll. Make it as realistic as possible. What did he choose? "A Army guy Mom!! That is what I'm gonna be.... but also a dirt bike rider and a hunter too."
Mason wanted to give himself reeeeealllll army boots with laces... so out came my Cropodile!! :)
We also used brads to make him a little more patriotic! ;)
This is Mason in his future occupation... let's hope he outgrows this.... ;) The future Serg. Mason Hayne

Friday, August 13, 2010


The end of Tball had finally come and the highlight of the season were the TROPHIES!!! I think Land started asking the first game when they were going to get a trophy and have a team party! So cute. So here are a few pics from his magical little night!

Landon goofin' off! Landon's BEST friend JD!! They LOOOOOOVE each other!!
Landon and his sweet buddy KOLTON!!
Coach Trafton with a very proud Landon!!
THE 2010 Castle Rock ROCKERS!!


How do you spell a little boys' heaven?
Well here ya go:
Can you imagine what the boys were feeling? They were going NUTS!!
Here is a GI-NORMOUS LEGO Sponge Bob that the boys posed with:
The LEGO store has a pretty cool little kiosk inside where the boys were able to build their very own LEGO men. You get to mix and match whatever you like and then you buy the 3 little guys at the end.
Here are Mason's men:
And Landy's (of course he wanted more LEGO swords than anything else):
Just a cute pic of Mason and his new glasses!!
We loved eating at the Colorado Mills. Such a fun food court and carousel. There are all sorts of hidden birds in the "big, yellow trees" that are scattered everywhere.
The candy store is always a fun place to stop by too. They both have quite a BIG sweet tooth!

And here are the boys after their fun day with me at the mall!! See ya tomorrow!! I am TRYING to catch up with all of our summer outings... just been working a lot these days!!