Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brief Hiatus...

My computer is under the weather... should be back in a few days... then I will have lots more to share. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful Sunset

Our skies are amazing here in Colorado. This was one I took on the way back to the car after Mason won his game 14-9. WHOOP WHOOP!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter at the Pool House

OK... so I was tempted to figure out how to put some in the koi pond...
Dacota and Grandpa Frank... we had a great time with family and great food.... Devynn.... now 15 years old... going to prom... REALLY? I refuse to believe that this was my flower girl!! CRAZY!Here's their Grandpa Don who had the right idea on this gorgeous day!! Was beautiful!!
And that was pretty much it. Another fun Easter afternoon with some of our best friends and family!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hmmm... I see 3!! On top? No....
Whaaaaaaaaaattttt????How did.....How did he doooooooo that????
This was the funniest sequence I got on Easter.... silly Bear. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

The night before, Lincoln, Mason and Landon colored the eggs... thank you to Leslie who helped us with the dye fiasco....
This was our Easter morning... getting up to 5 dozen eggs sprinkled all over the yard. First thing that happened was the boys got up and carefully dressed in matching Easter outfits.... pppppbbbbbbb..... yeah right. As always... they threw on the first warm thing they could find and grabbed BOWLS to gather the eggs in... UGH. So much for cute Easter pictures. Molly also instantly tried throwing all the eggs around... couldn't blame her... they were pretty and looked like balls....Now, Easter has always freaked me out a little bit... a giant bunny sneaking around hiding dyed eggs... just kinda creepy. But the boys are always psyched... except right before bed Mason says, " UGHHHH! I wish I was an adult so I could no ONCE AND FOR ALL if Santa and the Easter bunny is real!!!" Some days Mas.... me too. ;) Anyways.... we did a couple events so I will post our Easter at our friends house later. Hope your Easter was wonderful and warm!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Part of California... continued....

Seeing my very best girls in the whole wide world... as well as lots of our family and friends... We had soooo much fun!! Thanks for hosting a great party Kim... we had so much fun!! We also got to see Jas and James play ball for a little while. We miss playing with them.... And we also got to party with them for a little bit at the Shulty household.... And my silly, funny, chin biting Ronin... so cute.Hmmmm.... I wonder where Noni gets her goofiness... from her gorgeous Mommy maybe??And of course my mama again. LOVE YOU!!!Landon... and his dream car.... Mason and his best friend Jason. They miss each other and had a blast together!And Sheri's cutie pie boys!!!I miss them so much too!Craig and.... ummm.... Jack.

Getting to see the Stafford boys really made our trip too!! We got to see them in December but a trip to California would mean nothing without seeing them for an evening of fun!!Mason and Dylan... best buddies for years and years now. They love each other! And of course my very best friend in the world.... my mama!! I miss her more than anything and would have her move out here in a heartbeat... but for now... I will take what I can get and make sure we make the best of our times together. :) Doesn't she look FABULOUS?!?!Awwwww.... Mr. Michael.... he keeps my sanity, this boy. Soooooo nice seeing my brother from another mother. :) We so need these boys in our life!!And what's a trip to California if we don't go to Shogun with my Daddy??? I miss him so much too. We get to see him sometime after he retires this summer. Can't wait!!! So it sounds like I miss everyone A LOT...LOL. We had a great time and Colorado needs you all to move out here with us. Please.... pretty please.....with a cherry on top?