Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry.... been buried....

in snow. In wonderful visitors. In wrapping paper. In Christmas cookies. In crafts. In more snow. In LOTS of hours at work. And still with more visitors. I swear.... I was barely able to get Christmas cards out and I still have a handful to send. Shame on me!!!

Christmas came and conquered here in Castle Rock.... here are a few fun pictures from our cozy little town.....

Here is a great idea for a Christmas card....don't be surprised if this is next year's theme. :)

And a sweet chapel all lit up for this awesome holiday season. It is over....

And here is a t-shirt I got for Xmas.... so cute. I love it. That is not me though.... just a little FYI.... maybe by the end of 2012. LOL.... and then again... maybe not. We'll see.
Had a whirlwind trip back to California in the midst of the holiday craziness and was able to spend time with friends and lots of family. So I am back to a few crazy shifts at the hospital over the next few days and hope to be back in January with lots of posts. It takes a lot of time to do a reason I admire people who can do this daily. I run out of things to say but mostly I run out of time. Let's hope I can manage my crazy schedule a little better in 2012. Already have plans to meal plan, craft again, start sewing and continue with my regular life as well. We'll see where it takes us. For now, I hope your holiday was fantastic and that 2012 is filled with lots of exciting things for you and your family!!!