Friday, June 18, 2010

Landon is a ball player!! :)

I apologize for all the pictures but he was just too cute not to post all of these. Plus his Grandma would kill me if I only posted a few. So here is Landon on his first T Ball game with the Castle Rock Rockers!! :)

He loved his game!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elizabeth Rodeo....

Nice double hat Mason.... Mason, Trace and Landon getting some grub at the rodeo. :)

This was a "RRREALLLLL" cowboy according to Mason.... six shooter and all.
A picture of Trafton and I recently at Daniels Park.... just for those of you who forgot what we looked like....

Pretty Skies here in CO!!

These were from the last snow off of our back porch. I was leaving for work and couldn't resist taking a picture of it!!
At a local rodeo in Elizabeth, CO. SOOOOO pretty!
This scary looking cloud was on a day that a tornado passed over my hospital. I just pretended it was a drill but it was smack dab over Thornton, CO. Very scary.....

Landon graduates preschool!!

Well.... he is finally there. Looks like our little Landon is off to kindergarten in August.... how did that happen?!?!?! CRAZY!!! Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Kelly:

Best of friends: Landon and JD!
Landon "took a knee" (I am guessing he got this term from baseball):

Little rascal caught in action! :)