Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

WOW....still can't believe 2009 is here! Crazy! We spent the last 4 days with friends and family, having a blast!! We took in the Rose Parade and one too many drinks! ;) I am looking forward to a fresh start in '09. Looking forward to CHA and getting new yummy products from Queen & Co. But most of all, getting healthy and being creative!! I am on a "hold" for my ultrasound job... I am thinkin' they are tightening their belts a bit but hopefully they get busy again.... I just love my job and miss it already!! The kids are back in school Monday....WOOHOO and I hit the gym too.... don't you LOVE resolutions? Wish me luck and the best to you and yours in '09!!

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Cindy Tobey said...

Sorry about your job Kris. I hope you are back to work soon! Exercise is one of my 2009 goals too...starting Monday. :) Happy New Year chickie!