Thursday, April 2, 2009

TOTALLY overwhelmed....

right now. Life has just handed me 14 plates to juggle right now. Kids are off for spring break next week so I hope to have a LITTLE more time next week. Saturday marks the last busy day for me. Baseball, 2 schools, Easter parties, 5 doctors appointments, canvases, blog entries.... when I right it down, it doesn't SEEM so bad.... but living it is a whole different things. I KNOW all my mommies know how it is!! Hope you enjoy the new stuff. I have a grungy skateboard theme heading your way tomorrow!!

This canvas is for Cindy Tobey's darling daughter, Moya. Her colors are pink, purple and yellow and she loves flowers. I added some bling from Queen & Co. to enhance the flowers a bit.

This is a rainbow card highlighting Queen & Co.'s new array of jewels. Aren't they pretty?

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Cindy Tobey said...

Thanks Kris! Moya LOVES her canvas! All of your canvases are gorgeous!