Thursday, November 5, 2009

Their first official snow day!

Our front yard:
Our back yard... I am not sure if I even know where it is:
The snow drift on our front porch:
The kids sledding in the meadow out back: Even Landy had a great time (he usually freezes within 5 minutes...but not today!):

And of course, Mom (me), was snowed in at work and had to spend the night away from my boys (WAH!!!). Probably the start of my bronchitis too!!


Julie Magallanes said...

Hey girl! That snow looks beautiful! Glad you are all doing well! Send me your new email address, please!


Charlene said...


Cozart Family said...

OMGoodness, After the beautiful sunset you have the freezing cold and snow. That sends chills down my spine.... I think the snow is the only thing I would not want to live in. Miss you girl and glad to see you posting!! Hey I would love to see all the rooms in your house if your done with the,.