Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Annual Pumpkin Smash

It really all started with a statement..... "What do we do with the pumpkins AFTER we are done with them, Mom?" Well..... Then Mason asked if we could MAYBE just smash one of them..... Then I asked if they had a special bat that might do the trick.... And Mason got this look on his face
and that is how the FIRST annual pumpkin smashing festivities began. First up.... Mason Hayne.... batting "clean up" for the home team.
His smile really says it all, huh?
Look at that FORM!!!
Got a piece with that one!!
And since it wasn't COMPLETELY smashed open, he went for the launch.
That's when Daddy had to get into the action.....
That seemed to finish off pumpkin #1.
Next up.... Landon Hayne.... his first swing was a bit timid.... Then he reeeeeeallllllly got into it.....
HOLY MACKEREL!!! Wouldn't want to meet this boy in a dark alley.....
Then came the discussion.... the white pumpkin had "rice" inside it.... " NO!!! Looks like sauerkraut!!! GROSSSS!"
"No..... it's RICE!!! SEE?!?!?!?" Not sure who really won that discussion but it was ended with another launch by Dad!
And one last blow for posterity's sake!!
The aftermath.... and a nice dinner for the deer tonight. :)
Now let's see what kind of ideas they get once we are done with the Christmas tree.

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Micaela said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Love the boys' expressions. You're such a great mom!!