Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can Susan Weinroth be ANY more creative?!?!

This girl SERIOUSLY makes me wanna take up quilting.... my Mom would love it if I ever did!! She tried for years to get me to quilt!! But check out this adorable quilt!!
Hello Sunshine Quilt
Now I may have to try my hand at it Susan!! SO CUTE!! And yes... she is an awesome photographer, MARVELOUS scrapbooker, all around sweet person and a wonderful Mommy and Wife. She rocks!! And that is just a few of her talents!! :)

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Julie Magallanes said...

I know, right!!!!! I saw this quilt on her blog a few days back, it is adorable! She is a sweet girl too! But hey, I KNOW you can do this too, you are super creative and I miss you and Mr. Mas soooo much!