Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pray for Jackson!!

Hey there friends and family. Most of you know that my cousin Melissa's baby is fighting for his life in California. I posted the story following Jackson's sweet pictures. The family needs all the prayer they can get for this sweet little guy. He is showing great strength and courage as we wait day by day. Please say a prayer for him and keep him in your thoughts. The whole family is absolutely heartbroken and I pray for strength and wisdom as they deal with this horrendous situation. I also linked a fan page made for them on Facebook. Thanks for taking the time for my family and I.

Here's the story:
Jackson Thomas Watt is 2 and a half months old. On Wednesday, 4/14/10 around 7:20am, Jackson was found laying face down with no heartbeat, not breathing, and blood covering his mouth/nose. He was immediately taken to the hospital and they were able to get his heartbeat back. He was connected to a ventilator because he was not able to breathe on his own. Within about an hour he experienced seizures. Jackson was transferred to the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, where he underwent a hypothermia treatment. The doctors dropped Jackson's temperature to around 32 degrees Celsius to slow down his brain and to prevent it from reacting to what he had endured that morning. At this point the doctors told us that he probably experienced major brain injury and has little brain activity going on. On Friday 4/16/10 the doctors took Jackson off all the medications and began to bring his temperature back up. He was making little movements that day and the doctors decided to give him medication again to sedate him so that he wouldn't move around, messing with the tubes in him. The doctors say his movements could have been seizures, but we saw it with our own eyes and it looked nothing like a looked like the little guy was squirming and fighting for life! Today, Saturday 4/17/10, Jackson's temperature is back to normal and he is responding a lot more to pain, when being poked. This means that his brain is beginning to send messages out to his body to react to touch. He even fluttered his eye lids a bit! The doctors have decreased the amount of gas flowing through the ventilator because Jackson is breathing a little bit now and doesn't need as much air support...praise God!

Baby Jackson Fan Page


Jill Cassity said...

ohhh poor jackson, I am so sorry!! How awful!! I will pray like crazy for the sweet little guy. i hope he's okay, I want nothing more for a miracle for him and his family to happen.

Julie Magallanes said...

Hey Kristin-

I am soooo sorry to hear about Melissa's son, What a nightmare for all of you. I will put Jackson and your family in my prayers. Hang in there, and keep us updated Love ya and miss ya, Julie

angela said...

Keeping Jackson in our prayers, what a terrible thing for any family and child to have to experience. Wishing miracles for this little boy. ((hugs))

Kristin Hayne said...

Thanks girls. He is stable but not making much progress. Will let you know what happens when I hear. Thanks for keeping the family in your thoughts and prayers. It is truly a devastating situatoin.

Julie Magallanes said...

Hey Kris-

Ur family is in my thoughts, I am so sorry for Melissa's loss. Hug Mason and Landon :)

Love ya,

life in CH said...

so sorry to hear the sad news of Jackson, Kristin. You are in my thoughts. - Hera