Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She's here... finally..

It has been over 5 months for me and 7 1/2 months for the boys. But my Mom finally got out here and we are having sooooo much fun with her. The boys are in heaven. They fight over who gets to sleep with her, who gets her attention.... Everything is, "Grandma.... watch this... Grandma... come here... Grandma... Grandma... Grandma" It truly is music to my ears. I wish I didn't have to work the majority of the time but when I am off, we do nothing but laugh and talk and share stories. We have been crafty together, have eaten some good food and have made lots of memories with the boys. I don't want her to leave.... so I am soaking up these last 4 days with her. And the boys are looking for homes to move her into. :)

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