Thursday, July 14, 2011

I got nothin'...

Lately, that is what I've got. A whooooole lotta nuttin'. Summer has been seemingly endless with things we are going to, baseball tournaments..... (have some cool pics to download and share), thunderstorms.... (which kills a lot of the outdoor plans that we make)

We have seen lots of movies... the latest was:

Cute as always and I love the Toy Story short film in the beginning.... cuuuute. We seem to have a never ending stream of kids at our house.... we love it but it is expensive and exhausting. My on call schedule at the hospital has been hideous lately. Not enough sleep and no time for catching up. Makes doing the everyday stuff unbearable some days. I look forward to bedtime and then once I am in bed, insomnia hits me. UGH... I think that I am getting to the point that I think most mommies are feeling right now... when does school start again?

Mason starts tackle football next week. Our friends are coming out from California (can't WAIT to see Kimmy and her family).... I miss them and lots of friends back home.

WOW.... I sound kinda blah, huh? So.... the lack of blogging isn't intentional.... just need to find some time to sift through the 400+ pictures that I have in my camera.

OH!! And we took family pictures at the end of June so I should have those to post ASAP.... lots to share.... no time to sit down and do it.

Hope you are all having a fun summer. I need a vacation!!

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