Friday, August 26, 2011

Landon's first cafeteria meal...

This is so cute to me.... Landon started 1st grade and was off to a great (and expensive) start. We packed an extra SPECIAL lunch for him with all of his favorites. When he got home later in the day, he told Dad how BOTH of his lunches were great!!! He said it was the best chicken tacos he EVER had.... hmmmm..... so we emptied his lunch bag out and all the goodies were gone. Go figure. We tried packing the lunch on day 2 and again... he came home telling us the cheeseburger was AWESOME!!!! Wow.... I thought we packed a PB&J...which later was taken out of his lunch bag in one piece still. Again... nummies were gone. We now are -$5.00 on his lunch balance. Go figure. We are now on week 3 of school, and although it is a little more expensive, I think we have learned that Landon prefers a HOT meal at lunch and it makes him happy to go through the cafeteria and get what he wants...notice the chocolate milk on the tray. Hmmmmm. What a little stinker.

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