Thursday, October 16, 2008

Santee Lakes

And here is one heck of a slimy, icky catfish... mot my FAVORITE fish to catch... glad it was Mike and not me!!

Just outside of San Diego, is a wonderful little campsite at Santee Lakes. They've got great fishing, playgrounds and lots of space for the kids to roam and have fun. Here are some pics from our very fun weekend stay down there. It was soooo relaxing!! Enjoy!


Tiffany Martin (onehuntinchick) said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you I have been waiting patiently SINCE MONDAY for you to post pics....super CUTE & so glad you had a great time!!! I miss ya!

Sherry Wright said...

Looks like fun, your boys look so happy fishing!! We love to camp as well. Can't wait to see you scrap them all. ;)