Friday, October 24, 2008

Stinky.... but fun!

We had a field trip the other day to Amy's Farm. It is a great little family farm about 25 minutes from our house... who knew, right? The kids had a great time! They got to feed the pigs and a calves, go into the petting zoo, meet a 2000 lbs. cow and pick out a pumpkin. Very fun .... LOTS of flies...ewww... and a bit stinky.... but all in all a great day!! Thanks Amy!! And I have officially decided that I am SOOOOO a CITY girl.... no farm life for me! It's seems fun for about 20 minutes.... then I crave a good shopping spree with lots of stores and drive thrus around me....LOL!

Hope this finds you all well!

2 comments: said...

Hey Toosies
I'm with you, I love the farms for a little bit but then I need a Starbucks and a mall. Looks like Mason had a great time. He's so cute and looking so grown up!
Luv ya, Cuz Di

Shawn said...

How fun! Mason looks like he had a great time!