Sunday, November 23, 2008

We're baaaaacccccck!

Occotillo Wells was a blast!! Great friends, great rides, great times! No injuries and lots of great memories made!! We all had a blast.... Mason did awesome in his new gear and Landon couldn't get enough of riding with his Daddy. Lots of friends came out for the day as well and we just didn't want to leave!! Thanks guys!


Jennifer Priest said...

Ooohhhh how fun!!!

Cozart Family said...

How funny, we leave wednesday for Ocotillo Wells. Can't wait to get away and cok my Thanksgiving meal. Next time you go, let us know maybe we'll join you!!'
Love, T

Tiffany Martin (onehuntinchick) said...

OMG love the GLAD you had such a great getta WAY!! I missed you the whole time......lov ya....T.bone