Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Programs

The boys did SO good in their Christmas programs! I was kind of worried that Landon wouldn't stay up there but he ended up being one of the loudest (and cutest) ones! They sang 4 songs and 2 poems. It was awesome!!
Mason sang Jingle Bell Rock and Jolly Old St. Nicholas. And get this.... HE DANCED... seriously!! Danced in front of a whole auditorium. I was speechless!! They did so good! I am so glad that they are coming out of their shyness on stage!!
I will get to posting after the crazy times but hope all is well with you guys. The boys and I are off to make a gingerbread house right now!! OH! And go check out the Queen & Co. blog.... my best friend Beth is in the SPOTLIGHT!! Congrats!

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