Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keeping with the cupcake theme.....

I came across some really cute seasonal ideas for cupcakes.... some of these seem super simple while others seem like they may take some time and effort. But how cute are these?
The melted butter on the corn is a microwaved Starburst... cute,huh?
You KNOW I am a sucker for Halloween.... These witchies are adorable!!
For the man who loves to golf.... or a retirement party???
I am sooooo not a fan of coconut but this little chickie/rooster was too cute to pass up!
These just look yummy! I was thinking that frozen cheesecake bites would be yummy too! Is it any wonder that every diet fails with me?!?!?!?!
I also am loving these cute beachy ones. I think the snow is finally affecting me!!
More cute Halloweenie ideas.... and I just adore this lollipop idea!! So cute for a spring party!!

Anyway.... just a little happy cupcake inspiration for you!! :)