Saturday, January 2, 2010

My work space and chandelier!

This gorgeous chandelier was found at The Barn at one of Amy's shops. If you are local to Colorado and get close to Castle Rock, you have GOT to go to The Barn. I swear... there is something for everyone there and it is VERY hard to stop at one of the indoor shops. I think I have spent a small fortune there over the last 4 months!! I also have to thank Cindy for my going away/housewarming Visa gift card.... this is what ya bought me girl!! Hope you approve of it and can see it in person someday!! Miss you!
This is the working half of my workspace. I love it. Still lots of stuff to hang but it is right in the middle of all of my supplies. I can't seem to get the boys to stop sliding on the wood floor though... it is pretty distracting. :) But now everything is in one place and I am ONE HAPPY scrapper!! As things continue to be hung and displayed, I will show you some pics. I have altered quite a few things for the room but haven't gotten around to taking pics. I will though!!

That's all for now!! :) See you soon!