Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indoor Skydiving

So Mason turned 8 on March 13th.... and what does he decide to do for his birthday? INDOOR SKYDIVING!!!! The boy is nuts. But you just can't deny that he has a natural ability to do all things EXTREME and he ends up doing them VERY well. He had a blast and had the crowd screaming and cheering for him the whole time. He went the highest out of anyone in the group and there was even a return flyer in the bunch!! We were so proud of him. I was also proud of my sweetheart for going in there with him. I don't think his body was meant to bend the way he did and he was still sore today. Poor guy. But he did an awesome job too! They are all ready to go back for more. So without further ado, here are some pics of the boys!!
MY CRAZY CRAZY 8 year old!!
This was his first time around....
Check out his jowls!!
Gotta love his little cheeks, huh?
Mason went the highest out of the entire group! The instructor said he did AWESOME!!
My honey doing his thing! Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!
Traf getting the hang of things...Goggle eyes!!
Our instructor Zach did some AMAZING things at the end!! He was the best to Mason too!!