Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two mice and a 5 year old boy!

Well.... we did it... suffered through another party at the CHEESE.... Landon turned FIVE on September 6th and we had a blast with all of his friends!! Here are some pics for you!!
His favorite book.... of course it deals with gassy issues!!
Blowing out the candles!!
His favorite gun slinging game he got.... he has been literally obsessed with it!!
Opening Grandma Charlene's present!
Landon and the big Cheese.... not really sure what he thought about him... you can tell by the following picture... HA HA HA
He couldn't wait to get into that cake!! Landon inside the ticket blaster... total ...404 tickets snagged with those cute little hands of his!
Playing some skee ball:
Mommy and her big boy!!
I just love him!! So sad that he is 5 already.... makes me want to have just OOOOOONE more.
Landon and his favorite Auntie Wendy!!
Landon and Mason looking like a couple of mice in a cage....
Speaking of mice.... here is our latest family member (I am not sure I want to claim that though)... MOLE!
Yes.... that is what he named it.... not sure the reasoning behind it or the meaning but we now have Molly the dog and Mole the mouse... :)
I don't think it had sunk in at this point that he was a proud new owner of a mouse....

So there ya go.... a little out of order but you get the point!! My baby is five!!

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Cozart Family said...

I can't believe he's 5! I love his little face. I think you should have ONEE more! Why not your young enough and you guys make such beautiful babies. I totally could have one more, but kent says helll no!!