Sunday, September 19, 2010

School Pictures

Here is Landon and his official kindergarten school picture. He loved his big boy hair (I am thinking it was the gel that sealed the deal) and the Tony Hawk button down he wore. He is doing great at school and has MANY best friends.... almost a new one each day. :)
And here is our big 3rd grader Mason. Notice gel and "Tom Cruise" hair. Not sure the fascination with Tom Cruise but he was playing in his VERY nice suit jacket....OUTSIDE... the other day and said he was Tom. Maybe Mission Impossible? Who knows. Again, Mason is doing great and is every one's friend. So nice to see that he gets along with everyone and people always want to be around him. He just loves his buddies.... boys and girls alike!! I love that about him!!

Be back soon... not much time lately since Traf was gone for 4 weekends in a row hunting. I am a bit stir crazy but it is all part of the game, right?

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