Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rockies vs. The Dodgers

What is a girl to do? I grew up with the Dodgers as my home team and now we are in Colorado cheering on the Rockies. I guess the outcome was good... Dodgers beat us in the 9th and it was an exciting game. Here was where we sat. The tickets were great and the food was lousy.... typical for a ball game, right?

Here is Trace, Mason and Landon at their first ever Colorado Rockies game... They had so much fun and you can tell who THEY were going for!!

Here are my adorable niece and nephew, Ashley and Ryan, meeting Ted Lilly of the Dodgers. He managed to smoke our Colorado boys pretty badly in the finale.
And of course.... Mr. Matt Kemp with Ash and Ryan... He is Ashley's favorite player, can you tell? My sister in-law said he was SOOOOO nice and sweet to the kids. I love pro athletes like this!! He hit a home run against the Rockies at the game we went to.... HAD to call my niece to see if she was watching!! She was!!
So final tally was Rockies 1 game and the Dodgers 3..... Go BLUE!! OK.... guess I have to stick to my roots!! :)

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