Monday, October 4, 2010

Trafton gets to hang with Kyle Orton!

Lucky Trafton.... he was part of a skeet shoot fundraiser involving the Broncos and a lot of Colorado gunslingers. He was lucky enough to hang out with the bronco's QB, Kyle Orton and his sweet wife, all day. Traf said the guys were just the coolest, most down to earth people!! Another reason I love pro athletes that take the time for a good cause.

Here is Russ Hochstein (Guard) #71 and Kyle Orton (QB) #8 and Trafton (Husband) #1... ;)

Kyle taking a couple of skeets down in the tournament.

And the football that was graciously signed by many of the players. Wanna hear something funny? Landon picked up the ball and was looking at the names.... uncapped a Sharpie and started signing away on the ball!! :D Luckily, Trafton caught him while he was only on "L" and managed to wipe off most of it.... I thought this was hilarious.... I think I was the only one though.....What can I say? My boy thinks he belongs on there too!! :)

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