Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Corn Maze

OK... so this was my very first corn maze. It was soooo much fun.... once I blocked the images of Children of the Corn out of my head. It was daylight, so I figured I was somewhat safe... but it is still impressively creepy to get lost in there with dead ends and scary things all over the place. The boys were in heaven!!
They must have had 20 scarecrows all over the place. A bit freaky for anyone who ever watched that flick called The Scarecrow.... still freaks me out to this day.Trying to figure out the map that was given us.... I should've taken the picture of it. It was a bit...ummm.... inaccurate. LOL

View of the first half of the corn maze... it just went on and on. FINALLY found the hay bale jump.... that place was HUUUUUGE!! The boys still trying to figure out which way to go. :)

Scary stuff all over the place... and they do this at night!! Creepy.

I swear I thought that there was an ER visit in my near future... they went crazy!!

And my sweet 3 boys in the fall...

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