Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shop Sweet Lulu

Be still my beating heart.... I came across one of my all time favorite party websites... and guess what? They got even cuter!!! I currently have too much in my cart but cannot talk myself out of anything as of yet.... Take a look:

And now they even have party hats? Why am I not the OWNER of this site? I love it!!

These straws make my heart happy.

Love their variety of sweet/treat bags....

No idea what to do with these but would be cute little gift containers... maybe Valentine's?
Love these lollipop candles.... I need to throw a girl party....
This is on my wish list.... I think I NEED this cake tray....
And all of these too. ;)
More lovely cupcake liners.... ***sigh***
Purchased these for some springtime baking.
And I NEEDED this color combo.... Whomever can put their products into a beautiful color scheme, can get me to buy anything.... I am such a sucker!
So there it is again:

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