Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We found one of these in our kitchen the other day and freaked out!! We had never seen anything like this before and thought it was some prehistoric insect. Lo and behold, it was a house centipede. We got it outside and hope to never see on of these again. It is supposedly a "good" insect but I can still do without it, none the less.


Cindy Tobey said...

Thanks in advance for the nightmares I'll have tonight! LOL! ;)

You are better than me, I would have squished it...repeatedly!

candiceandashley said...

found your blog today after searching for your name (on google) after seeing your layout in the May/June Memory Makers mag. your layout is SO adorable and inspiring! I read the journaling and was so inspired, I wanted to see if you had a blog and you do! :) I was going to email but couldn't find an email address anywhere, so I figured I'd just leave a comment. :) looking forward to seeing more of your work through here (do you post layout photos on here?) and your galleries. :)

Candice (candice@kicksclub.org)