Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday surprises!

Got lots and lots of fun stuff from family and my best friends!!
Got some cute animal print scissors from my Mom/Landon:
Pretty flowers from my honey:
A GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, handmade button bouquet from my super talented bestie, Beth! ;) She is just amazing, isn't she? She made every single one of these buttons and it will match my scrapbook room PERFECTLY!!
And these SUPER cute finger puppets for my boys (although I am keeping them for me....sorry boys). If you know me, I love robots and space monsters.... anything cute and funky.... I LOVE it!!
Thanks everyone for making my birthday as special as can be!! I miss you all in Cali!!


Tiffany Martin (onehuntinchick) said...

SUCH CUTE Birthday stuff!! You must really be loved....Im waiting to show u my love in person!!! Oh and why are you up sooo early!!! lol

Nadia said...

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration :) Such pretty prensents!

Micaela said...

Wow! Those buttons are great! How does she do that? Glad to hear your day was good!

Beth said...

So glad you got some photos of the button bouquet cuz I forgots! So glad you had a super special day. You deserve it. Thanks for being the bestest friend ever!!!!!! *muah*

Beth said...

They are made of polymer clay, handpainted and glazed. I had made some other button bouquests with real buttons and knew Kristin wanted one. SO, I made each button to match her new scrapbook room colors.

Shawn said...

OMG- Beth made the CUTEST Button Bouquet EVER!!