Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back!!

Another year older and in an entirely different state.... but I am back!! :) There are going to be a lot of posts over the next week or two so bear with me.
We left California on Monday August 3rd.... at some unholy time of morning.... here was our view:
We got through 4 states in one day.... the boys did AWESOME and here were a few of our awesome sights on the way.

Las Vegas, Nevada (the boys loved the planes and fighter jets more than the crazy buildings):
We hit the Arizona border... just long enough to see some beautiful mountains, cliffs and heat. The boys were not bored yet!!

We ended up in St. George, Utah later that night and did a little sightseeing, a yummy dinner, some swimming and a trip to a wildlife museum. I'll post some pics from that later!! We made it to Grand Junction, CO on Tuesday night where we walked through downtown, swam some more and enjoyed a $14 movie (Monsters vs. Aliens). It was well worth it though.... the boys laughed and fell asleep.... until we woke up early again.... I don't like early...
Since this was the last leg of our road trip, I was jazzed!! Couldn't wait to get the boys to our new house and finally arrive HOME!!
The boys were AMAZED by the scenery and the huge mountains.... they wondered why God made the sky more blue in Colorado than California.... that was pretty funny to me. We saw lots of wildlife on the way and they were so excited to be in Colorado finally!!

And here are the boys getting their first glimpse of their backyard!! They are in HEAVEN! They spend all their time outdoors and don't ever want to come in. We also came home to this sweet sign on our garage door. Our sweet friends spent 16 hours (35 large bags of weeds) in our yard getting it prepared for our arrival and it looked GREAT!!
So THAT was our journey from California to Colorado.... I am so tired all over again!!


Tiffany Martin (onehuntinchick) said...

So glad your loving it, but u R SOOO missed!! CALI will NEVER be the same!!! Guess I better move to the CO!! lol

Beth said...

You were supposed to keep driving to FL!!!!!!!!! I want you to live near me. CO is closer but not close enough. Hope you had a great rest of your birthday and miss you TONS!

Cozart Family said...

How sweet of your friends. That is so cool. Glad you made it safely. Can't wait to see each room and how you decorated it. I bet the house is great.

Shawn said...

awww- what a wonderful roadtrip! So happy you made it in one piece!