Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Landon is in KINDERGARTEN!!

Well, the dreaded day has finally come.... my sweet, baby Landon has entered kindergarten. And we almost got away without a SINGLE tear. ;)
The backpack is at least twice the size of him.... but he had to have a Tony Hawk bag like Mas.
A little bright but still in good spirits.
Getting in the car and still no anxiety!! PHEW!!
Mr. backpack head! He and his friend Ashton were messing around and giggling.
Comparing skulls on their shirts. Ashton and Landon
The walk to his class....
"Gosh Mom! Why are you still takin' pictures of me... GEESH!" -Landon Hayne
His new crush....Mrs. Whalen.... *SIGH* "She is reallllly pretty Mom" CRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE... doesn't he look angelic? :)
Liked his name tag just fine. Is sitting with a silly guy named Cameron and two sweet girls, Sydney and Ella. He liked his table friends already!
And last but not least, he finds and shares his name tag.
After a heartbreaking kiss goodbye, and a recap, "OK Mom... only 3 hours and how many days a week?!?!", I said goodbye and he was a little teary eyed. All was fine once sweet Mrs. Whalen swooped in and asked him to be her helper.... that is the moment I saw the little hearts above his head.... Good luck buddy! We are so proud of you!!

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Cindy Tobey said... sweet! They really do grow up too fast. Moya is starting middle school! I just might cry a little on her first day.