Friday, August 13, 2010


How do you spell a little boys' heaven?
Well here ya go:
Can you imagine what the boys were feeling? They were going NUTS!!
Here is a GI-NORMOUS LEGO Sponge Bob that the boys posed with:
The LEGO store has a pretty cool little kiosk inside where the boys were able to build their very own LEGO men. You get to mix and match whatever you like and then you buy the 3 little guys at the end.
Here are Mason's men:
And Landy's (of course he wanted more LEGO swords than anything else):
Just a cute pic of Mason and his new glasses!!
We loved eating at the Colorado Mills. Such a fun food court and carousel. There are all sorts of hidden birds in the "big, yellow trees" that are scattered everywhere.
The candy store is always a fun place to stop by too. They both have quite a BIG sweet tooth!

And here are the boys after their fun day with me at the mall!! See ya tomorrow!! I am TRYING to catch up with all of our summer outings... just been working a lot these days!!


Cozart Family said...

ah Kristen, the boys are getting so big! Looks like you guys have completely settled into Colorado. That is awesome. We are so happy for you guys. Takes for all the updates.
Love ya and miss ya girly,

Cindy Tobey said...

My son would be so jealous! He's been begging to go to the Lego store in Chicago. Maybe would should just hop on a plane and visit you...if it weren't for those giant spiders! ;)