Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Happy, Happy Day!!

Well... another year older and hopefully wiser!! Turned 36 yesterday and had the CUTEST little boy and most handsome husband come to my work and bring me sunflowers, a balloon and a Starbucks. We met up with Chad and Tiffany and their boys for dinner at Outback and had a YUMMO dinner!!

This is Landon's drawing of me holding my sunflower and that is him giving it to me on the right.

And one of my best gifts by far was this card from the boys with a dollar tucked in it from Mason. How stinkin' cute is that? He told me he got it out of his very own wallet. ;) I could just cry.

This makes all the craziness of kids worth it!!

And finally a Coach cupcake keychain from my sweet, sweet Tiffany!! Thanks for making me feel like the luckiest girl ever!!

Now can we just skip the getting older part? :) Please?

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