Monday, July 2, 2012


Our community is soooo awesome.  All evacuees had homes to stay in over this scary week. 

 We have seen the wildlife scattering all over areas that they normally aren't found.  So sad.  :(
 Nearly 350 homes were destroyed in this horrendous fire.  It is almost 90 % contained at this point.
This is the Garden of the Gods.  It is a gorgeous tourist location in Colorado Springs and was devastated by the fires.  It is pretty amazing the effort that was put into saving hundreds of homes and how the awesome firefighters were able to steer the fires away from Manitou Springs.  It has been so sad to watch , yet I am so proud of the community and all of the benefits that cropped up to help displaced families and the everyone aiding in the fight.  I have lived against the foothills all my life and have seen many forest fires.  This is by far the worst one I have seen and it was some scary stuff!!

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