Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mason!!!

It was exactly 9 years ago today, that Mason Trafton Hayne was born!!
He was always our happy little sunshiney baby... and today is still the same. Always happy and smiling and forever the little jokester....
He enjoys football, baseball, basketball and is an excellent student. He is a friend to everyone and always is quick to defend and befriend someone who is not having too good of a time with others. ;) He loves his dog Molly and is a wonderful older brother to Landon.
He loves God and will always pray for those in need. A sensitive soul and a silly character all in one little man!!
We are extremely proud of him and wish him another year of love, laughter and growth. Happy Birthday honey!!


Chance said...

What a cute kid! I love how he has always looked like Mason...even as a baby! I love that boy!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Mason!
Love, Miss Demus