Monday, March 14, 2011

Leprechaun Trap!!

It all starts with a plan.... well... .and an assignment for school..... but Trafton and Landon drew a sketch of an elaborate leprechaun trap for his class. You see, the leprechauns have been playing tricks on the kindergartners for the past week. Knocking over their chairs while out at recess.... leaving crumbs from the classroom cookie jar.... trading name tags with other kids.... They are pretty tricky, ya know. ;)
So we set out to make a DEEEEEluxe trap for the little boogers.... After going to 6 different stores for gold coins....(must be a lot of leprechauns out right now)... we punched out circles out of cardboard. Landon started to paint them, then tricked Mom into the assembly line so that he would have more time to "glitter them up".
Here is the finished "bait" for the little naughty guys.

We painted the trap black and added the gold to the top. We glued it down GOOD so that they couldn't really take it.... (he was very concerned about this).We glued down felt scraps to make a grassy platform and made a sign. Landon drew the "FREE" on there...
A couple of views on the "trap door"....they will fall prey to this by the abundance of free gold on top....
then they will fall through the trap door as the greedy leprechaun takes the gold....
and you take a peek inside to see how many leprechauns you caught.... MU HA HA HA HA HA! (that was an evil laugh, by the way)
The trap door has been sprung... and another leprechaun succumbs to the ingenius trap!!
Sign your name on the back.....
And pose with your leprechaun trap and look VERY proud!!

He and Daddy are going to find some twigs and branches today to make a small ladder so they can climb up to get the free gold. Landon LOOOOOVED this assignment... I think he may try some art classes this summer. He thought of all the little bells and whistles on this thing. Down to the glittery shamrocks on the sides! He was raiding my scrap room for all sorts of goodies. :) I am gonna have to keep my eye on this kid!!!

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