Tuesday, March 29, 2011


These weren't the EXACT words, but that was the feeling when I got out of my boards. I missed passing by 3 questions.... THREE. It was a very difficult board and I know the pass rate is only 48% BUT, I still felt like I did really good. But I missed it by 3. So.... there you have it. For those who say failure is good for us.... BOOOOOO on them!! I have taken 11 boards in my life and have passed them all. I guess my streak had to come to an end at some point. The cutest part was how disappointed my son, Mason, was about it. He was so upset... which I am actually glad he can see me fail and try again (because I WILL pass next time... you watch). I guess this is a good lesson once the disappointment and depression wears off. I will give it another go round in 2 months. I was very well prepared but it is a tricky test. But there you have it. An update on my vascular ultrasound boards. :)


Cozart Family said...

You are amazing! What a great attitude you have towards the boards. YOU will PASS the next time with flying colors. How sweet that Mason was so upset for you, he knows how hard you studied and wanted you to pass. =) You are an inspiration girl!

Julie Magallanes said...

Awww Kristin,

I was just telling little Victor the story of how I got so wrapped up in one of the writing portions of one of my CSET Subject tests (to get my credential) that i turned in my test and didn't realize until i got to my car, that I FORGOT to do the other writing portion!!!!! Holy cow, i think i cried for the whole six weeks until the scores came in. I DID pass, but then i went back to take the math portion a few months later and i failed it. I ended up taking it twice! So don't feel bad, i have faith you will pass eventually. Keep your head up! xoxo