Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am still here...

I apologize for the long break in blogging... I was doing SO good too. March has been a whirlwind of events.... let's see... taxes (ugh), Trafton away on 2 trips (AGH!), Mason started baseball again, baking for Mason's birthday events, planning a 9 year old bday party for Mason (can you say 25 kids?!?!?!) as well as working full time and taking call at the hospital.... Believe me when I say it has been B-U-S-Y..... oh yeah. And studying for a Vascular Technologist board... my last for a very long time... if EVER!! That day is coming up QUICK and there is just entirely too much information to consume... at least for this 36 year old brain. And is it really only the 10th?!?!? I feel like it should be April already! So I will try to be around for the next few weeks.... I am just on overload.... I have so many fun crafty things to do and never the time to do them. But someday...This is a pic of Landon and I as I sit here typing. So there I am... check out those bags under my eyes!! See? Not enough hours in the day... EVER.

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