Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day was.....interesting. say the least. I woke up to two monkeys jumping on my bed. Each had a very cute card with lots of pictures inside.... and a ONE dollar bill each. Out of their very own wallets.. very cute. And it made me feel like the richest Mommy in the world (now I only owe $2,998.00 for my new engine). :) Once I was fully awake, We got dressed and I took the boys to IHOP.... or they took me. Trafton couldn't swallow or speak so I told him to get to the doctor's to make sure he didn't have strep throat.... which I knew he would have it. He looked awful.

So after breakfast and errands, the boys asked me if I wanted to see a movie. I told them I would LOVE to.... however, deciding on one that we all wanted to see was a feat. So Thor won... fine by me... let's hope he was a cute superhero, right? Well.... yeah. He sure was!! The boys enjoyed the movie and so did Mommy.... ***sigh***

Got a text from Traf... he was in pain and hadn't gone anywhere to check it......>>>insert non smiling smiley here<<< Seriously? The Little Clinic at the local grocery store was closed by this time. Called the doctor and they had JUST stopped taking patients an hour ago.... >>you can add steam coming out of the ears of the non smiling smiley at this point<< And we ended up here:

YEP.... 4 hours later, steroids, Z pack and a very strep throaty husband, we went home.

Where I did 4 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, changed the bedding, cooked dinner and went to the grocery store...
But who's complaining? I am lucky and proud to be the mama of two crazy boys and one BIG BOY... I am lucky to have a family to look after.... even if it does get interesting sometimes...
And I got a 90 minute massage yesterday so that more than made up for the stress!! :)

Oh.... and I have a new boyfriend after Sunday's event.... Chris Hemsworth.... hes made a dreamy Thor and totally made the movie fun for a Mommy on Mother's Day..... Thanks Chris!
***SIGH*** told you he was cute. :)

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