Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Update

Memorial weekend was....F.U.N. We spent some time out of town but just did one fun thing after another. I actually had THREE days off and I didn't want to do ANYTHING at all... except for fun things, that is. No more studying and no work was FANTASTIC!!! I am well rested and totally ready for my Dad to come in tomorrow. Can't wait!!

We did a very interesting PUB CRAWL fundraiser through the bars of Castle Rock for Lonie Paxton's Fundraiser (ACTIVE FORCE). Was fun until I had to go get the kids. :) But we went home to watch.....

some college softball. I am soooo glad the boys love to watch it with me. These girls are simply amazing athletes and it makes me want to relive my days as a softball player. I wish I had gone on to play college ball.... makes my heart hurt that I didn't. :( Truly awesome to watch this college series, though. Brings back lots of memories for me.

So that led us to many hours outside playing baseball with the boys. We had many pick up games this weekend with friends.

Sunday, we went to an AWESOME Louisiana craw fish boil. 80 pounds of craw fish were served up and devoured. My lips are still burning from the experience but I was even more surprised that my boys LOOOOOOOVED it. Landon (who doesn't eat ANY seafood at all), devoured at least a few pounds by himself. It was very good. We finished the meal with a red velvet cake. YUM!

Monday, we had to walk off the craw fish calories by hiking the rock in downtown Castle Rock. It was beautiful and windy up there. Happy to have gotten in a good hike though.
We watched movies, played games, napped, ate and were together as a family all weekend. I loved every minute of it!!!

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