Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A $150.00 purchase...

Seriously.... that is the text I got last night from Mason and Trafton. This bat.... this new "legal" USSSA approved bat was $150. Which was a "great deal" compared to the $210 price tag that was attached to it. I listened as Mason swore up and down that it was a very special home run bat... guaranteed to keep his average above .700 and keep his place as number 3 in the lineup. I asked if it came with a college scholarship as well.... he hesitated then said, "Let's hope...." How could I be mad, right? He is such a talented ball player and this new national bat rule is meant to keep the kids safe on the field. So I will keep you posted on this year's batting average as it happens. First seeding tournament this week so look for pics next week!!

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