Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Expensive Lesson for Molly

Yes. You are seeing this correctly. The wonderful part of Colorado is all of the wildlife we get to experience on a day to day basis. Well... Miss Molly.... doesn't get to deal with porcupines on a day to day basis. Ever. So this was the post "chase that weird animal with lots of spiny needles sticking up all over its back" back into it's burrow.... where the porcupine was in the perfect position to shoot 13 quills into Molly's sweet black muzzle. Hmmmmm.... so $400 later, she had all 13 quills removed, her nails trimmed and 11 days of pills that are SOOOOO fun to get her to eat. And get this.... one pill she can chew.... the other she needs to "swallow"..... can anyone tell me how you get a 2 year old dog to swallow a pill.... all advice is appreciated. :)

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Sheri McCants said...

LOL!!! Poor Molly. Good luck with the meds:)