Thursday, May 3, 2012

NFL Draft Party

We had the awesome opportunity to attend Lonie Paxton's 2012 Draft Party in late April that benefited his foundation Active Force.  What a great time we had!!  We were lucky enough to be in the suite with all the players and we got the chance to bowl with Champ Bailey.  These guys were SO awesome!  They all took time to talk with the kids, goof around and sign whatever the kids threw at them.  We had so much fun clowning around with them and I enjoyed watching Mason's jaw hit the floor every time he met a famous player.  These guys are a class act and it meant a lot that Mason and Landon got to spend time with them...
 This, of course is Champ Bailey... the highlight of the night... at least for Mason and Landon!
Below is  Chris Clark... #75    He was big and nice... and the boys dug him....
Our friend, JD Walton #50 is the center for the Broncos and one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.  He adores Mason and Landon and has played catch with them at some BBQs we've been too.  The boys love him... he is a sweetie pie and one of my favorites!!
Below is Mitch Unrein #96... another tiny little guy... yeah right!!
 OK... Mason spazzed out with Demaryius Thomas #88.... I am not sure he believed me when we introduced him... he kept saying NO WAY... you are not Demaryius... and he just laughed and signed and graciously posed for the mamarazzi.  :)  He was one of my faves too... classy dude...
 And of course... Lonie Paxton #66.. our buddy and the longsnapper for the Broncos.  The boys have met him a few times but he always clowns around with them and is a great guy.  And I am currently researching how to photoshop that fool in the background OUT of the background... geeez.
 And Mr. DJ Williams  #55... I am going to be kind because he came from Concord, CA... other than that... he was... well... he was DJ Williams... I will say no more.  Landon thought he was cool....
 Chris Kuper #73 plays guard and had a really bad break in 2011... not for the faint of heart so please don't google it unless you like very nasty breaks.  Another great guy... told the kids to study hard!
 And Mr. Virgil Green #85.  Funny guy and Landon apparently looooved him... can you tell?
 Derek Martin... "MR. Back to Back" .. I think he will be a Bronco in 2012.  He had a very BIG personality and the boys were cracking up!!  He was really working the crowd!
 David Bruton #30... he was my favorite... we talked BBQ all night... and he was a big jokester...
 Cassius Vaughn #41 He was making the boys crack up too.  Nice guy and spent a good 10 minutes talking ball with Mason and signing his ball for him.  He was a fantastic guy!!
 Kevin Vickerson #99.... one of Mason's favorites.  He spent some time with him as well.  :)
 Another linebacker flexing his guns with Mason.  Have no idea what his name is... sorry.
 Lance Ball #35... Running back... and another good guy.  Mason said... He's SHORT!!
 Mike Mohamed #53...Linebacker... very nice... told Mason to get good grades!!  THANKS Mike!
 Zane Beadles #68 Guard... big dude, big smiles and very sweet to the boys...
 Adam Weber #2... back up QB and a WONDERFUL guy... the boys loved him!
 And guess who snuck in a picture with Champ...since I was behind the camera all night long!! :)
 This was at the end of the night... we were saying goodbye to Lonie and the boys outside.
 Champ Bailey and his not so traditional bowling form... yeah.... glad his day job is football....
And that was our fun filled night with the Broncos... I've got more pics but I am sure that these will hold you over for now!

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