Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Blast 2012

The boys took a set of serious pictures... then the clowning around started.  It was a great weekend and the Spring Blast tournament really brought the boys together.  They played better than they ever had.  We were so very proud of all of them!!  We lost one of our boys to a broken wrist in the final game but the boys rallied back to ALMOST beat the top seeded team. Didn't seem to matter because the medal seemed to be more popular than the first place trophy... thank goodness!
 Here is Mason with his medal... he loves medals.... and it was a niiiiiiice medal. :)
 Shaking hands and showing off his medal.  They lost by one run but played an awesome tournament consisting of five games altogether.  What a weekend of ball... I think we did 7 games in all.  geesh!
 Mason receiving his medal from Coach Bob and Coach Doug.
  My clever little base runner... stole home on a passed pitch... go wheels!!
 Mason tagged a triple on this swing... he did a great job in all 5 games!
 Just a cool picture of Hunter pitching his no hitter... go Snake Eyes!

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