Monday, April 9, 2012

Landon's First Dolphins game

Apologies in advance about the amount of pictures that are in this post... Landon sat with me and picked the ones he wanted to be "seen by the world"... his words. (He has NO IDEA that his Mommy isn't THAT cool.... )
Fielding was a bit chaotic and when the batters actually RAN to the correct bases, we managed to score 15 runs. Should've had more but we had 2 kids stop and talk to their friends and one kid run into right field to chat with his cousin... ;)
Landon was an excellent base runner and scored every time....
He made me put this one in....much to my chagrin.... but this is when Landon outran the 3rd baseman to make it in to score. Excuse the unfocused picture... he insisted.
A very happy boy for scoring and getting a single. :)***SIGH*** Very good stance Landon... he is so good. :)Another single... he hit a line drive to the shortstop for another great hit.He LOOOOOVED playing catcher. Was super focused and loved having all that gear on. I still can't believe I ever caught... hurts my old knees just thinking about it.
And that was game NUMBER one for Dolphins Silver... we lost 21-15 but we played awesome and I think the boys have a better idea about what to expect. :) These 6 year olds are flippin' adorable.

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