Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

The night before, Lincoln, Mason and Landon colored the eggs... thank you to Leslie who helped us with the dye fiasco....
This was our Easter morning... getting up to 5 dozen eggs sprinkled all over the yard. First thing that happened was the boys got up and carefully dressed in matching Easter outfits.... pppppbbbbbbb..... yeah right. As always... they threw on the first warm thing they could find and grabbed BOWLS to gather the eggs in... UGH. So much for cute Easter pictures. Molly also instantly tried throwing all the eggs around... couldn't blame her... they were pretty and looked like balls....Now, Easter has always freaked me out a little bit... a giant bunny sneaking around hiding dyed eggs... just kinda creepy. But the boys are always psyched... except right before bed Mason says, " UGHHHH! I wish I was an adult so I could no ONCE AND FOR ALL if Santa and the Easter bunny is real!!!" Some days Mas.... me too. ;) Anyways.... we did a couple events so I will post our Easter at our friends house later. Hope your Easter was wonderful and warm!!

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